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Mehrgiti charity foundation equips the schools of our country’s less-favored areas with the aim of eliminating discrimination and cultural poverty in less-favored areas of the country and providing the access of all the students of the country to educational, cultural and sports facilities with the help of the dear benefactors. Surely, after the establishment of schools with the cooperation of the benevolent persons, these schools will require educational, tuition, cultural and sport equipment; and with the help of the dear benefactors, Mehrgiti will take step. In addition, in case of the request of other schools in less-favored areas, the equipment for these schools is also provided with the help of the help of the benevolent persons.

In this regard, Mehrgiti investigates and identifies the schools of the less-favored areas and their required equipment and schools are equipped in various cases, such as:

Furthermore, in many cases, the construction of the cultural, educational and sporting places needed by schools is also performed with the help of the dear benefactors, as:
  • Construction of a library and sending suitable books for different educational levels
  • Establishing a laboratory and site when necessary
  • Construction of a prayer house
  • Construction of multi-purpose salons and dormitories
Equipping schools with educational equipment
Equipping the schools’ libraries with required books
Equipping the site with computers and needed accessories
Equipping schools with sporting facilities