Statistics and Wishes

Attempt for Iran free of discrimination and cultural poverty

We believe that we can.

In spite of the success in development of academic education, the statistics of “illiteracy” and “low-literacy” are not satisfactory, in particular in deprived areas of the country:
The literacy level The literacy level of the relevant population among Iranian people over 6 years old the percentage from the total population
Illiterate 9.8 million people 15.4%
Elementary school education 16.5 million people 25.7%
Guidance school education 12.5 million people 19.5%
High school education 16.7 million people 26.1%
Academic education 6.9 million people 10.8%
Other courses, such as howzeh education 1.6 million people 2.5%
Source: Detailed report, Majlis Research Center, under the title of Study of the Education Coverage Status and Illiteracy Eradication in the Country (published in December 2011), whose calculations have been based on data from the latest national census
Based on the global data, 85% of the total population is considered literate and 15% of the population of our country is illiterate The population of children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years old in the country not covered by education (left out of education) is three million two hundred thousand, according to the 2006 census.

Our Wish

We wish to enjoy the identical educational conditions for all the children of this land and this is their right. Our desire is that no child be left out of education in our vast land of Iran.

Access to Educational Spaces

The average per capita educational infrastructure per student is 4.95 square meters. The global standard is 5.12, and 14 of our provinces are below the standard.

Our Wish

Our objective is that no child is left out of education in our country due to the lack of access to educational spaces.

Iran Education Rank in the World

Based on the 2015-2016 statistics, Iran’s education rank is 74 among 140 countries.

Our Wish

Our wish is that one day the education system of our country will reach a high rank in the world.

Safety of Schools

Sixty seven percent of the educational spaces in the country are safe and 33% of our educational spaces are not standard yet.

Our Wish

Our desire is to ensure the safety and health of all Iranian students through construction of standard and safe schools.

Sixty percent of schools in our country do not have a library at all.

Our wish

We desire that one day all children of Iran will have easy access to good books in all parts of our country.

Computer Access

Rural households’ access to computers: 36.1%

Urban households’ access to computers: 64.8%

Total households’ access to computers at home: 57.4%