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The economic status of families is one of the causes of students’ educational dropouts, in particular in less-favored areas. Certainly, a family with little financial ability will not be able to supply many basic educational facilities of its children. This financial poverty will have a negative effect on the child’s physical and mental status. Lack of educational facilities will gradually slow down the student’s educational motivation, leading to his distress at school, and eventually educational dropout and leaving the school.

As responsible citizens in the society, what can we do in this regard?

For educational support for the talented students or academic students, you can select one of the students from the list below and filling out the charity form or contact with us form, and declare your readiness to pay 40 thousand Tomans for students and 60 thousand Tomans for university students. You can participate in this work with the cooperation of your friends and family; create a campaign and invite friends and acquaintances to participate in your campaign.

Educational Year Count of Students Count of Donors
91-92 480 120
92-93 500 79
93-94 600 700
94-95 700 200
95-96 1200 400