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Since the start of its work in 2005, in line with the promotion of reading books among all the children of Iran, Mehrgiti Institute has begun sending books to schools in less-favored areas, and about 2.700 thousand volumes of books have been so far sent to these areas.

One of the activities of the Institute carried out regarding to the quantitative and qualitative improvement of the knowledge and culture of students in less-favored areas is the “Book for All” project. This project was first introduced in May 2014 at Tehran International Book Fair by installing a book-box on the booth 23 of children and adolescents salon. On this booth, children and their parents put their donated books in the book-box of Mehrgiti to be reached their friends in the deprived areas of the country. This project was greatly welcomed and then continued by installing the box in different areas of the city as well as book delivery at the institute.

In this project, new and second-hand books donated by the benevolent persons are collected at the institute. Then, they are categorized and subdivided into different subjects and age groups by the volunteers of Mehrgiti, and finally sent to schools and libraries in the less-favored provinces of the country.

If you would like to donate a book, consider the following:

  • Donations should be non-textbook or tuition, and they can be related to all educational levels.
  • You must deliver your books to the institute in person, since there is no legal right for us to come to the doors of your homes. Address: No. 20, North Gol Afshan, Second Avenue, Phase 6, Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran, Iran; Hours: Saturdays to Wednesdays 9am5pm.
To cooperate to do this good affair, you can:
Donate your new or read books.
Donate cash to buy books.
Help us classify, sort, and send books.