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March 12, 201911:06 am

With the book …

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With the book ..
You might think that today books are easily available in all regions of Iran. Yes, public libraries, bookstores and library of schools and universities can easily provide books that are needed. Have you ever thought that there are childrens in some parts of our country who are interested in studying but not having access to the book. Students in deprived areas in country often study in schools that do not have access to the library or have small library.
We all know that with # with books we can, many long-term cultural goals and cultural poverty of the country can be solved. We can also take a step, though small, in this direction.
We plan to launch 20 libraries in deprived areas in country provinces with fewer facilities in 2019 with the help of dear friends from Gity Mehr institution.
If you, like us, believe in the necessity of acting to equip the libraries of the deprived areas of our beloved Iran, join the campaign.

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Zahra Gitinejad

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Mehrgiti Institute aims to build and equip the educational environment of the country in order to eliminate cultural poverty in the country. With the help of you, we can do great things for children of our country.

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Terms and Conditions

– If the campaigns are successful, a complete report of the actions to be undertaken will be announced on each campaign’s pages.

– if we collect more than enough money, the remaining amount will be spent on other training courses in deprived areas of the country, and its report will be available through the campaign’s pages.