Create Your Own Campaign

Many of us think that in order to participate in good work, we have to be very famous, or very wealthy, and therefore we desperately say: I cannot do anything …

But, of course, we can do great things using our resources. One of these resources that we all have is the network of friends and relatives. We can develop creative charity activities through this network.

Here we can help you create these creative activities. By creating a campaign using the Mehrgiti, you can collect money on any areas you deem necessary to do.

For example, in one of the proposed campaign named “Birthday Campaign”, you can tell your friends and relatives that this year, you are going to offer your birth gifts to children in deprived areas of the country so friends and relatives pay any amount that they would decide to buy gifts for you to help poor kids.

You can do the same for other occasions such as weddings, marriage anniversaries, and so on.

To create a campaign, you must first enter the “Make a Campaign” section and fill out your personal profile by providing the necessary information. Once you have formed your profile, you can invite your friends and relatives to do this, as described.


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