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As known, a large number of less-favored rural areas in different provinces of our country lack schools and educational facilities at present, and areas with schools also lack appropriate educational standards. According to statistics, 33 percent of schools in the country are worn out. I.e. one-third of our country’s educational spaces are not safe and if the rehabilitation or reconstruction of these schools does not occur, as we have seen the disastrous events caused by the burnout of schools in the past, in the future, non-compensable events will await the students inevitably study in such schools. Since 2005, Mehre Giti Institute has begun to construct schools and cultural centers in less-favored areas of the country with the cooperation of the dear benevolent persons. The institute has already constructed or is constructing more than 290 schools, dormitories, multi-purpose salons, etc. in the deprived areas of the country. Many children and adolescents have been left out of the education in spite of their talent and intelligence and because of lack of facilities. In order for all the children of Iran to study in a standard educational space and for having no non-standard, non-durable, adobe, Kapar, moist and dark educational areas, you can individually or collectively participate in construction of schools in less-favored areas of the country by the following methods: Participate in building a 2, 3, 4, or 5 classroom school. Participate in building one class from these schools. Buy a gold brick from this school. Participate as much as you would like.

You have the great heart

Be volunteer to saving children

First Phase
  1. تماس با خير
  2. بررسي شرايط و خواسته هاي خير(استان مورد نظر، مبلغ مورد نظر براي ساخت مدرسه)
  3. مرحله سوم
Second Phase
  1. ارسال فرم نظارت به همراه نسخ امضا شده قرارداد به نوسازي مدارس استان واعلام قوانين موجود در موسسه در ارتباط با اين فرم
  2. درخواست تكميل فرم نظارت در بازه هاي زماني معين و ارسال آن به واحد نظارت
  3. اعلام نظر واحد نظارت پس از بررسي دقيق فرم
  4. خانه چهارم